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About T.E.A.M. Dad

The Healthy Start Coalition of Okaloosa-Walton Counties' goal is to encourage and coach fathers to become more engaged in the lives of their children, families, and communities by promoting responsible fatherhood. We know a father’s positive and responsible engagement in his child's life will last a lifetime.

Children in father-absent homes are almost four times more likely to live in poverty. Studies show that children with involved fathers exhibit lower levels of aggressive behavior than children with absent fathers.


This fatherhood engagement program aims to enhance the health and well-being of children and families by supporting, encouraging, and promoting fathers’ roles in their children’s lives.

“Being a dad is not a job, an art form, science, talent, or skill. It’s in a category of its own.”


Our Mission

Our Mission

T.E.A.M. Dad aims to increase the overall well-being of children by equipping fathers with the education and resources needed to become the best father they can be. 

Three Generations

Our Vision

To Teach, Empower, Advocate, and Mentor Fathers to leave a legacy of love, security, and success for their children and their grandchildren.

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