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Let Us Give You A Hand


Whether you are New Father, A Father-To-Be, or Father Figure, T.E.A.M. Dad offers 2 unique programs. Each program offers education, training, and support to help men become the responsible, engaged, and empowered fathers their children need them to be. 

Not only will you gain the tools to become a better father, T.E.A.M. Dad offers some great incentives along the way, while earning a certificate of completion. 


Dad's Jump Start Program

New and soon-to-be fathers learn the do's and don'ts along with receiving educational material as they begin their journey.

24/7 Dad Program

This is where we dive into all aspects of being a father, a man, and caring for your family. (Co-Parenting, Men's health, and more...)

  • What can you expect?
    A trained Fatherhood Program provider will meet with you in person in your home or a place of your choice. ♦ On the first visit, we will get to know you better by learning about you and your family. ♦ We will then provide you with up to 12 sessions of services using the 24/7 Dads curriculum ♦ We will provide you with education on co-parenting and building healthy families and communities ♦ We will help you with personal development ♦ We will educate you on parenting, child development, nutrition, and child safety ♦ We will help to connect you to other resources in the community should you need them
  • What will we ask of you?
    ♦ To be present and participate in all scheduled visits ♦ To notify your Fatherhood provider at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot meet as scheduled ♦ To let us know how we can best help you
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